Fastimes Towing Inc. is proud to offer our customers a selection of towing options for getting your vehicle to the garage or back to your home. Our fleet includes a Kenworth deck truck for medium and light duty tows, an international deck truck for light duty tows and a Landoll trailer for heavy-duty towing jobs. Call us for an estimate. 

In addition to towing, let Fastimes Towing Inc. take care of your automobile recovery needs after an accident. Our friendly and professional staff will come pick up your vehicle once you have obtained police permission to move it, or after it has been inspected by your insurance agency.

Our customers are always happy to call Fastimes Towing Inc. to give them a lift!



When your car breaks down, runs out of gas, or won't start, call Fastimes Towing Inc. We offer a range of Roadside Assistance services. If you are in a remote area and run out of gas, feel free to give us a call, and we will come as quickly as possible with enough for you to safely drive to the nearest station.


If you have a piece of heavy equipment that needs to be hauled, we can handle that for you. With our Landoll trailer we are able to square away and move heavy and wide loads - from farming to trailers and shipping containers. We also take every precaution to make sure that whatever we're hauling gets to its destination without any damage. That's why we've even been known to transport vintage cars on occasion.

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